About FXI

"The founding meeting of this Freedom of Expression Institute commits this organisation to all the objects and aims stated in its constitution, but emphasises in particular its constant commitment to oppose ALL forms of censorship and to extend support to all victims of censorship, irrespective of whether it agrees with their views" - Resolution of the inaugural meeting of the Freedom of Expresson Institute (27 January 1994).

The Freedom of Expression Institute (FXI) is a voluntary non-governmental organisation established in 1994 to promote and advance the rights to freedom of expression, access to information, and to oppose censorship.

The FXI was formed on 27 January 1994 from a merger between the Campaign for Open Media and the Anti-Censorship Action Group. The FXI is managed by an Executive Committee which employs a full-time staff. 

The FXI is a member of the Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA), which is a regional organisation devoted to the promotion of freedom of expression and a free, fair and independent media. The FXI is a member of IFEX, the global free expression network and AFEX - the African free expression network.