Freedom of Expression Network (FXN)

The FXI is one of the few civil society organisations whose work is directly influenced by our strong connection to community-based organisations such as the Freedom of Expression Network.

The Freedom of Expression Network (FXN) comprises of over 200 grassroots-based organisations with a strong presence and formal representation in all nine provinces of South Africa. Membership of the FXN includes social movements, community-based organisations and non-profit organisations. The FXN was formed in 2006 to empower people affected by poverty, marginalisation and exclusion, through networking with grassroots organisations, individuals and community based organisations.

The FXN's mission is to eliminate censorship and repression by ensuring that a democratic space exists for the growth of representative organisations. By networking with a range of community organisations that have developed in response to poor service delivery and rights violations, FXN strengthens their ability to continue their work by bringing collective pressure of the network to bear on the perpetrators of censorship and repression.

The Freedom of Expression Network raises awareness and advances the fight for the right to access information, freedom of expression, and other related rights such as the right to protest, association and assembly.  FXN activities include civic education, capacitation and mobilisation of affected sections of society. The FXN maintains a strong and mutually beneficial relationship and information and knowledge exchange with the Freedom of Expression Institute. The FXI provides materials and training to the Freedom of Expression Network members through the FXN training workshops around the country.

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