The FXI has created an extensive archive of ground-breaking resources that have had a positive impact on media policy studies and intervention in the country.

Broadcasting Independence Handbook: Lessons from the South African experience
This handbook was published with a companion CD which contains close to 500 documents related to the battle to transform the former state broadcaster, the South African Broadcasting Corporation, into a public broadcaster and the fight for the establishment of an independent broadcasting regulator. It is, essentially a history, from primary sources, of the Campaign for Open Media (COM) and the Campaign for Independent Broadcasting (CIB). On it you will find original documents, petitions, minutes of meetings, records of strategy discussions, pamphlets, letters, position papers that vividly illustrate the ups and downs, victories and losses in the South African struggle to realise the demand: 'The people shall broadcast'.

If you have any questions, queries, comments or suggestions about the handbook or you would like to request a copy of the archive, please contact: fxi@fxi.org.za.
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May 05 2008 By Freedom Of Expression Institute SABC, public broadcaster, independence
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