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Tleane, C. and Duncan, J. (2001). Broadcasting and the national question: South African broadcast media in an age of neo-liberalism


This book traces the history of neoliberalism, and its acceptance by political parties across the spectrum on the basis of acknowledging the 'realities' of globalization. Realities, it is argued, that are more fiction than fact. It considers the impact of neoliberalism on the South African government's attempts to achieve national unity in society generally and broadcasting specifically. it documents how the government's neo-liberal thrust is entrenching rather than refusing inequalities in this sector, and making the resolution of the national question more rather than less possible. In conclusion, it calls for a radical re-think of the direction the broadcasting sector is taking.
June 07 2001 By Freedom Of Expression Institute SABC, media, neo-liberalism
Related Project: Freedom of the press and other media
Tleane, C. and Duncan, J. (2003). Public Broadcasting in the Era of Cost Recovery: A Critique of the South African Broadcasting Corporation's Crisis of Accountability


The South African Broadcasting Corporation is the biggest media house in the country with its public radio section being the most popular and accessible media form that people from across races, classes and gender should have access to. Being a public broadcaster it is expected that the SABC should be in a position to be more accessible not only in terms of reach but also in terms of its listeners and viewers being able to or having a say in how the broadcaster carries out its mandate.

Recent observations point to the fact that the SABC is failing to fulfill the mandate of being a real and proper public broadcaster. It can be argued that the SABC's failure to fulfill its mandate has reached crisis levels. This crisis is brought about by attempts on the side of management to effect cost-cutting measures that are in turn forced upon the SABC by the country's neoliberal policies.

Based on a research project that spanned over two years, this book depends existing knowledge on public broadcasting in an age of neoliberalism.
December 15 2003 By Freedom Of Expression Institute SABC, public broadcasting
Related Project: Freedom of the press and other media