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Promoting and defending the constitutional right to freedom of expression The Freedom of Expression Institute (FXI) was established at the birth of South Africa's new democracy in 1994. Freedom of expression was deemed sufficiently important for&nbs...

About Us
"The founding meeting of this Freedom of Expression Institute commits this organisation to all the objects and aims stated in its constitution, but emphasises in particular its constant commitment to oppose ALL forms of censorship and to extend sup...

FXI Work
The Freedom of Expression Institute works in the following programme areas: Freedom of Expression Anti-Censorship Access to Information Access to Media and ICTs To this end, the FXI engages in a wide range of activities that advance the righ...

Our Funders
Freedom of Expression Institute is able to defend freedom of expression and freedom of information through the kind support of a range of donors. We are particularly grateful for the support of the following donors: 

Freedom of Expression Network (FXN)
The FXI is one of the few civil society organisations whose work is directly influenced by our strong connection to community-based organisations such as the Freedom of Expression Network. The Freedom of Expression Network (FXN) comprises of over 20...

Our Partners
The FXI has coalitions with local and international organisations including the Right2Know campaign, SOS: Support Public Broadcasting Coalition, Right To Protest project, IFEX and the African Freedom of Expression Exchange. 

Friends Of FXI
The right to freedom of expression is a constitutional right that protects our right to hold and express an opinion. Friends of the FXI assist the FXI in promoting and defending that right through contributing to the FXI's programmes and activities t...

Annual Reports
The FXI maintains its accountability to the public through annual reports which capture the activities of the Institute, the outcomes, lessons learned and other issues relevant for programme and organisational development from January to December of ...

Freedom of Expression Anti Censorship Access To Information Access to Media & ICT

Law Clinic
Through the Law Clinic, the FXI has provided easily accessible legal advice on freedom of expression, including artistic freedom, academic freedom, freedom of the media and the rights of people to gather and protest. The FXI Law Clinic has built the ...

Research & Monitoring

Resources - Law Clinic Cases
The FXI has contributed to the body of knowledge on freedom of expression in South Africa through cases undertaken by the FXI Law Clinic. The FXI Law Clinic has intervened in over 200 freedom of expression related matters since its inception.  ...

Resources - Policy Submissions
FXI contributes towards the building of a body of knowledge that raises broad public awareness on the right to freedom of expression. The FXI has assisted in developing the legal and policy provisions enabling the exercise of free expression by ...

Resources - Research
FXI research contributes towards the building of a body of knowledge that raises broad public awareness on the right to freedom of expression. The capacity to lobby effectively is backed up by quality research. Past research work has been critical to...

Resources - Training
Through civic education and capacity-building, FXI contributes towards an understanding of the rights and responsibilities related to freedom of expression and access to information. Civic education is vital to the promotion of free expression and ac...

Privacy Policy
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We are always grateful to receive new supporters and would be delighted to hear from you. If you would like to support us or learn more about our work please contact our team on +27 11 482 1913 or email  Make a donation to...

"Freedom of expression is never won; it is always a partial victory because there is always someone somewhere trying to censor, prevent information and maintain power." - Raymond Louw (January 1994).

Access to Information
"At the heart of the conflict in South Africa lies power; and information confers power, control over information is related to control over people's lives." - Professor Mbulelo Mzamane (27 January 1994).

Access To Media & ICT
The FXI is committed to advancing freedom of the media to ensure a diversity of media and promoting the right of all people to communicate. Media freedom is an essential tool in the advancement of open, accountable and transparent institutions. Media...


FXN Free State - demanding access to clean water
FXN Free State members exercising their right to freedom of expression to demand access to clean drinking water!

Hate Speech
Section 16(2) states that the right to freedom of expression does not extend to -  (a) propaganda for war; (b) incitement of imminent violence; or (c) advocacy of hatred that is based on race, ethnicity, gender or religiion, and that constitu...

Right to protest
The right to protest ensures that South Africans are free to express their views on any issue that affects them. Section 17 of the Constitution protects the right to assembly, demonstration, picket and petition - "Everyone has the right, peacefully ...

Freedom of expression is never won; it is always a partial victory because there is always someone somewhere trying to censor, prevent information and maintain power." - Raymond Louw (January 1994).

Freedom of the press and other media
Everyone has the right to freedom of expression, which includes - (a) freedom of the press and other media 

Freedom to receive or impart information or ideas
The right to freedom of expression includes the freedom to receive or impart information or ideas as per section 16 (1)(b) of the Constitution. 


FXI CHAIRPERSON PROF WILLIAM GUMEDE wrote "Freedom of Expression is a tenet we cannot replace"
To vote rationally, citizens need diverse information about policies, facts about the state of government, the economy and political parties. They also need credible information on political leaders and their real intentions. read

Global Call on AU/UN Special Rapporteurs to Intervene in Social Media Blackout
80 Press Freedom Organisation across the Globe Call on AU/UN Special Rapporteurs to Intervene in Ongoing Social Media Blackout in Chad.

Press release
FXI celebrate the role played by the media in our country...."Maintaining  steady pressure through efforts to promote  Freedom of Expression and Access to Information in the face of dwindling budgets as well as attacks similar to the ones o...

Copyright Amendment Bill - comments due Friday 30 June 2017!
Parliament has released the 2017 Copyright Amendment Bill for public comment.  The Global Expert Network on Copyright User Rights –  has partnered with the Freedom of Expression Institute (FXI) in South Africa to facilitate stake...

Access to Information Animation
FXI access to information animation - simplifying the Promotion of Access to Information Act

Audio-Visual Guide on the Right to Protest
FXI developed an audio-visual guide on the legal exercise of the right to protest

Free Speech v Hate Speech
FXI SouthAfrica debating hate speech bill with Deputy Minister of Justice on SABC's Rights and Recourse.   

Helen Zille's Right to Freedom of Expression with LEPRO

FXI team on EKFM discussing the right to protest as a form of expression
The right to protest as a form of expression ensures that community voices are heard. The FXI's Siphiwe Segodi and Mpho Tsimane unpack this issue with Mike Mathabathe from EKFM. 

Interview with Tusi Fokane, Executive Director of Freedom of Expression Institute on Hate speech

Tusi Fokane, Executive Director of Freedom of Expression Institute interview

Enzenzeleni community members arrested over water protests
The community of Enzenzeleni, Warden in the Free State is angered by empty promises from the provincial premier, Mr Ace Magashule. The community and members of the Freedom of Expression Network expressed their grievances and demands concerning poor s...

Sheniece Linderboom, Head of the Law Clinic on protest in ICASA building

Enzenzeleni community member's demands answers on their leader's killers
There is one question on people’s lips and that is whether an activist Vusi Mlaba was killed to silence him. This speculation comes after ongoing rivalry between Mlaba and Mineral Resources Minister Mosebenzi Zwane. Mlaba was a husband, father...

FXI weighs in on King Zwelithini's right to freedom of expression on the Constitution:

Interview on the bill that aims to criminalize racism and hate speech - Sheniece Linderboom, Head of the FXI Law Clinic on Freedom of Expression

Interview with Sheniece Linderboom, Head of the FXI Law Clinic about censorhsip

Op-Ed: Bringing our copyright laws into the digital era

Sheniece Linderboom, head of the Law Clinic on SABC censorship

Tusi Fokane, Executive Director of FXI on Hate speech

ANC shows its intolerance: Freedom of Expression Institute

Regulating social media will affect 'right to privacy', 'freedom of expression'

Rights and Recourse - Racism - Sheniece Linderboom, Head of FXI Law Clinic
In a speech made at a function of the Jewish Board of Deputies in 2013 then Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development Jeff Radebe prefaced this problem by saying the following and I quote. 'Although as a country, South Africa has made enormo...

Freedom of Expression Institute surprised at Zuma's response to Secrecy Bill
The Freedom of Expression Institute is surprised President Jacob Zuma has heeded complaints that the so-called Secrecy Bill needs to be amended. 

Butale defends Zapiro's comic featuring Hindu deity Ganesha
eNCA speaks to Phenyo Butale, former Executive Director of the Freedom of Expression Institute (FXI). Butale defends Zapiro's comic featuring Hindu deity Ganesha, saying the public should focus on the discussion, not the vehicle.

FXI on the Freedom of Expression environment in South Africa
The Freedom of Expression Institute outlines the various laws that curtail freedom of expression in South Africa today at the Community Media Reflection Conference. These laws include the Publications Amendment Act which obligates journaist to report...

Justice Factor- NPA Crises Seg 1
Justice Malala talks to ANC member Mayihlome Tshwete and the former Freedom of Expression Institute director Phenyo Butale about the EWN cartoon that was published depicting the voters as ****hols

Speaking truth to power, media, politics and accountability
The 17th Highway Africa Conference, Leanne Mannas speaks to Phenyo Butale, former director at the Freedom of Expression Institute.

Our Funders

Embassy of Finland, Pretoria
Embassy of Finland, Pretoria

Foundation for Human Rights

Embassy of France in South Africa, Pretoria

Our Partners

FXI is a member of the IFEX network of organisations - a global free expression network connected by a shared commitment to defend and promote freedom of expression as a fundamental human right.  

African Freedom of Expression Exchange
   FXI is a member of AFEX, a continent-wide network which works to promote and defend freedom of expression in Africa.  

Right2Know Campaign
The FXI is a founding member of the Gauteng branch of the Right2Know Campaign. Since the campaign’s conception, the FXI has contributed towards the strategic and operational aspects of the campaign to ensure sustained advocacy against th...

SOS: Support Public Broadcasting Coalition
The FXI is a founding member of the SOS: Support Public Broadcasting Coalition, which was conceived to advocate for enhanced quality of service from the SABC. This was in response to increasing threats to the public broadcaster's independence....


Coffee and Conversation on Freedom of Expression
Come join us for an informal coffee and a conversation in our boardroom this Friday, the 9th of June 2017. Our Executive Director, Ms Tusi Fokane will be engaging members of the media in an informal conversation to unpack some of the myths and issues...

FXI Comedy Night
Dear Friend of the FXI, Comedy is one of the best examples of Freedom of Expression! Our friends at Parker’s Comedy and Jive have generously donated tickets for the night of Wednesday the 31st of May 2017 to support FXI’s fundraising ef...

Picket In Johannesburg
The FXI in support of the Right2Know Campaign (R2K) picket outside Luthuli House, the African National Congress (ANC) headquarters in Johannesburg in opposition to the Protection of State Information Bill, which was passed on 25 April 2013.

Press Freedom Day
Join us in a robust engaging and informative discussion on the current challenges facing media.and its ability to effectively and independently inform citizens. This is an opportunity to celebrate and deliberate on the fundamental principles of pres...

Public Policy Dialogues in Mpumalanga
On the 10th and11th of July, 2013, the Freedom of Expression Institute hosted a series of events in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga under the theme “Promoting free expression and information access for accountable governance”. These events included...

Public Policy Dialogues In Mpumalanga.
On the 10th and 11th of July, 2013, the Freedom of Expression Institute hosted a series of events in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga under the theme “Promoting free expression and information access for accountable governance”. These events include...

Right to protest workshop
FXI will be in Kimberely on 01 March and 02 March 2017 conducting a workshop on the right to protest!

Workshop on why equality courts are not working as they should
  FXI’s Mduduzi Mtshweni (legal assistant) and Nomagugu Nyathi (research officer) attended a workshop at the Legal Resources Centre on how to assist victims of discrimination prepare and present a claim in the South African Equa...


Adrian Sissing and SA News Blog
Two news articles were published on the SA News Blog concerning Mr Adrian Sissing's alleged illegal business practice as a business broker. After the publishing of the two article Mr Sissing sent messages to the author of the articles threatening the...

Afriforum and Julius Malema
Julius Malema, who at the time was the President of the African National Congress Youth League, led the singing/chanting of a former ANC "struggle song" entitled "Dubul'ibhunu" at various public events. Though there was some controversy as to the son...

Albutt and Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation and Others 2010 (5) BCLR 391 (CC)
In November 2007, President Mbeki instituted a special dispensation process to handle pardon applications for those individuals who did not participate in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. The Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliatio...

Andile Nomabhunga (The Informer) and Nontsikelelo Matubatuba
This matter involves a defamation. The FXI was approached by the defendant (Andile Nomabhunga) in this matter. The Applicant claims that the defendant had defamed her in an article published in the local newspaper called the Informer. The matter was...

Assmang (Pty) Ltd and P Moseki and 3 others
Certain individuals of the community based organisation CCG have been interdicted from encouraging and participating in unlawful protests among other things after organizing and participating in protest action against the mine (Assmang). The FXI Law...

Broadcasting Independence Handbook: Lessons from the South African experience
This handbook was published with a companion CD which contains close to 500 documents related to the battle to transform the former state broadcaster, the South African Broadcasting Corporation, into a public broadcaster and the fight for the establi...

Copyright Amendment Bill : FXI supports Fair Use
Open/View PDF (FXI-Copyright-Amendment-Bill-Submission-07July2017.pdf)

Court Martial and FXI

Democratic Alliance and SABC
In November 2011 Mr Motsoeneng was appointed as the acting COO of the SABC. Between 11 November 2011 and 26 February 2012, a series of complaints were lodged by former employees of the SABC which focussed on the alleged irregular appointment and cond...

Freedom Front and SA Human Rights Commission & another [2003] JOL 11698 (SAHRC)
Complaint that Broadcasters flighting a news report disclosing the identity and name of a minor, as well as his HIV/Aids status, without masking the minor's face or digitally fragmenting his image, amounts to a contravention of Clause 38 of the Broad...

Freedom of Expression Institute Presentation to the Portfolio Committee on Trade and Industry Copyright Amendment Bill 03 August 2017
Open/View PDF (FXI-Copyright-Amendment-Bill-Presentation-03-August-2017-(002).pdf)

Open/View PDF (FXI-Submission-Copyright-Amendment-Bill-2015.pdf)

Hamata v Peninsula Technikon
This matter relates to the refusal of the applicant to use a lawyer of their choosing during a disciplinary hearing. The rule has always stated that during a disciplinary hearing that the student may be represented by a fellow student or by membe...

HG Travelling Services CC and Impact News
Impact News had written a publication in October 2016. He then received a letter form one of the individuals mentioned in the letter requesting he issue a retraction. Impact news acknowledged incorrect procedures and agreed to rewrite the story with ...

Independent Newspapers and Minister of Intelligence Services
The Independent Newspaper (Pty) Ltd. sought disclosure of procedural records in the Masetlha v. President of the Republic of South Africa matter. The newspaper attempted to join the Masetlha matter in order to gain access to written arguments filed b...

Johncom Media Investment Ltd. v. M (CCT 08/08) [2009] ZACC 5 (17 Mar. 2009)
This case addressed the constitutional validity of section 12 of the Divorce Act of 1979 (hereinafter, "the Act"), which related to the "publication of information that comes to light during a divorce action." The application was initiated by the own...

Kerr Luzoko Hoho and the State
Mr Hoho was convicted of criminal defamation in 2005 in the Bhisho High Court. This was confirmed by the SCA in 2008. Mr Hoho would however like to appeal the conviction and has approached FXI to assist. We approached counsel to prepare a legal opini...

Know your rights: Access to information handbook
Access to information handbook

Laugh it Off and SAB
This appeal stems from SAB claiming that Laugh It Off had infringed their trademark and more particularly dilution of trademark through tarnishment. Laugh it Off had created T shirts that had a similar mark to those of SAB's brands, however the marks...

Le Roux and Dey
This case concerns a sexually suggestive image created by one of the applicants and distributed by the others. The image involves two male bodybuilders sitting in a sexually explicit manner with the likenesses of the respondent, Dr. Dey (vice princip...

Manuel v. Crawford-Browne (2471/08) [2008] ZAWCHC 13 (3 Mar. 2008)
Mr. Manuel brought a defamation suit against Mr. Crawford-Browne, a prominent campaigner against an arms deal completed by Mr. Manuel in his role as Minister of Finance. The defamatory comments alleged extreme misconduct, including tax evasion and co...

Masetlha v. President of the Republic of South Africa
The President unilaterally removed Mr. Masetlha, the former Director-General of the National Intelligence Agency (NIA), was removed from this position, sparking a constitutional challenge to such unilateral removal. The majority of the Constituti...

Mazibuko and City of Joburg
In this case, the applicants consisted of residents of Phiri, Soweto, who challenged the City of Johannesburg's policy of supplying six kilolitres of water per month for free. They argued that this policy violated section 27 of the Constitution, prot...

MEC for Education: Kwazulu-Natal v. Pillay (CCT 51/06) [2007] ZACC 21 (5 Oct. 2007)
Sunali Pillay, a student at Durban Girls' High School and a practicing Hindu, wore a small nose stud to school. Her school concluded that she should not be allowed to wear the stud since it was allegedly disruptive and against the dress code. Thereaf...

Media 24 and SA Taxi Securitisation (PTY) LTD
Media 24 published an article sharply criticizing the conduct of SA Taxi Securitisation (Pty) Ltd. and accusing it of, inter alia, "cheating taxi operators." SA Taxi thereafter brought suit against the news source and its editors for (1) general dama...

Monametse/Mokotho Relocated Community
Moshabi Selowa ( FXN Limpopo) contacted us in November 2016 noting the difficulties he was facing from the resoponisble officer in the municipalaity. He notes that the group was attempting to arranage a protest and she was refsuing to release the not...

Moreipuso Traditional council and Speaker Mahlake / any other person(s)
This matter related to a Heritage Day event in Bushbuckridge.

Moreipuso Traditional council and Speaker Mahlake / any other person(s) acting upon his instruction
The FXI represented the Defendant in this matter. The case involved the Moreipuso issuing an interdict against Speaker Mahlake from hosting a Heritage celebration event on the 24th of September 2016 at Wales The interdicted only limited the defendan...

Munyai Nyawasedza Anna and Editor in Chief: Ngoho News & Blusky Developments Communications
The Plaintiff is suing the Defendant (a community newspaper) for 3 million rands in damages for a defamation claim for a article that was written in May 2012. All documents have been filed in the matter and the matter needs to be set down for trial....

Muslim Views and Media 24
Muslim Views is one of the oldest community newspapers in Cape Town.In April 2016, Media 24 launched Modest Muse newspaper which targerts a very similar target group to Muslim Views. Muslim Views approached FXI to enquire on anti-competitive behaviou...

National Action Plan Submission to combat racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance
Open/View PDF (FXI-Submission_National-Action-Plan_31082016.pdf)

Ndung'u K.S. (Ed). (2003). The Right to Dissent, Freedom of Expression, Assembly and Demonstration.

NM/Others and Smith /Others (Freedom of Expression Institute as Amicus Curiae) 2007 (7) BCLR 751 (CC)
Three HIV-positive women brought suit against respondents for printing their names in a biography about Mrs. de Lille without proper consent. Applicants' names were published in a report (the "Strauss report"), which was circulated to a number of ind...

Out in Africa: South African Gay and Lesbian Film Festival v. Film and Publication Board (Jan. 2009)
The Out in African: South African Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (hereinafter, the "Film Festival") made an application to the Film and Publication Board to show a film entitled XXY. The film told the (fictional) story of Alex, an intersex individual ...

Protesting Diro Mine Workers
Miners from Khathu had not been paid in 5 months by their employer Diro. The miners organised a march on the 6th of September against the employer, who is situated in Centurion. The employer subsequently issued an interdict against the miners, on th...

S v. Mamabolo
A spokesman for the Department of Correctional Services (Mr. Mamabolo) made a statement insinuating that a High Court Judge had acted improperly by granting bail to a prisoner, who would not be released. The Judge ordered the appellant to explain und...

SA Transport, Allied Workers Union and Garvas
A protest organized by SATAWU on behalf of its members within the security industry devolved into a violent riot where fifty individuals allegedly lost their lives. The respondents brought suit against SATAWU under section 11(1) of the Regulation of ...

The respondent Sylvia Vollenhoven had been commissioned by the SABC to produce and air a documentary titled "The spear", the SABC later decided not to air it however, in which instance Ms Vollenhoven sought to buy it from them and air it, which they ...

SATAWU and Moloto
Following an unresolved wage dispute, SATAWU (the recognized majority union) notified Equity Aviation Services (Pty) Ltd. that it intended to lead a strike. Sixty-three employees who were not SATAWU members also participated in the strike. In Novembe...

Seleoane, M. and Duncan, J. (Eds). (1998). Media and Democracy in South Africa
In April 1994 South Africa entered a new era when it held its first democratic elections. Institutions of government and civil society are still struggling to position themselves in this changed environment in spite of the fact that the country's tra...

Smit and 94.7 Highveld Stereo [2010] JOL 26581 (BCCSA)
The broadcaster was accused of perpetuating indirect hate speech by broadcasting a song using the word "moffie." Complainant lodged a suit against 94.7 Highveld Stereo before the Broadcasting Complaints Commission, claiming that it contravened sectio...

Solidarity and SABC
Four SABC journalists had been suspended and then summarily dismissed without disciplinary hearings because of their discomfort with the SABC "Protest Policy." This policy related to the SABC's refusal to broadcast footage of destruction of public pr...

The Qwelane hate speech case is underway in the Johannesburg South Gauteng High Court wherein the respondents of the initial case have made an application to the high court challenging the constitutionality of Section 10 of the Equality Act, on which...

Our client, the defendant, Heidi Lee Smith was served summons from Southern Palace Investments for defamation and damages to the amount of R850 000.00, based on a publication in our clients community newspaper, Kruger2Canyon. The matter had reached a...

Submission to Social Cohesion and Nation Building
Open/View PDF (FXI-Submission-to-Committee-on-Social-Cohesion-and-Nation-Building_11082016.pdf)

Sustainability in the community broadcasting sector

The Citizen and McBride
The Citizen 1978 (Pty) Ltd. v. McBride (CCT 23/10) [2011] ZACC 11 (8 Apr. 2011) The Citizen newspaper printed a number of articles, dubbing Robert McBride (the respondent) a "murderer" and "criminal" for his role in the bombing of civilian locales a...

The right to protest: A handbook for protestors and police

Timile and Radio 702
The complainant made a claim that a certain debate on radio regarding the canning of a controversial film from being broadcasted by the SABC. The complaint claimed that the debate that was had on the radio broadcast was unbalanced and biased. The com...

Tleane, C. (2006). The Great Trek North:The Expansion of South African Media and ICT Companies into the SADC Region

Tleane, C. and Duncan, J. (2001). Broadcasting and the national question: South African broadcast media in an age of neo-liberalism
This book traces the history of neoliberalism, and its acceptance by political parties across the spectrum on the basis of acknowledging the 'realities' of globalization. Realities, it is argued, that are more fiction than fact. It considers the impa...

Tleane, C. and Duncan, J. (2003). Public Broadcasting in the Era of Cost Recovery: A Critique of the South African Broadcasting Corporation's Crisis of Accountability
The South African Broadcasting Corporation is the biggest media house in the country with its public radio section being the most popular and accessible media form that people from across races, classes and gender should have access to. Being a publi...

Tom Nkhosi ( Ziwaphi) and Linda Mwale
The Ziwaphi Newspaper published an article on the 22nd of the September 2016. The article was about Mr Linda Mwale and his involvement in awarding tenders as the Secretary of the Mpumalanga Legislature. Mr Mwale through his lawyers demanded that Z...

Tom Nkhosi (Ziwaphi) and Eddy Mabuza
Tom had written a publication in November 2016. He received a Phone call from one of the individuals mentioned in the article requesting proof that he did in fact request he answer questions( right of reply). Tome forwarded the proof, nothing further...

Tom Nkosi ( Ziwaphi) and The Mpumalanga Legislature
The Ziwaphi Newspaper published an article on the 22nd of the September 2016. The article was about Mr Linda Mwale and his involvement in awarding tenders as the Secretary of the Mpumalanga Legislature. Mr Mwale through his lawyers demanded that Z...

Vusi Mlaba Murder Case
This matter involves the progress of the alleged assassination of Vusi Mlaba from Warden. Vusi Mlaba was a respected community activist and whistle blower whose apparent assassination occurred on the 29th of April 2016 FXI Objective: Access to ...

Watchdogs and News Hounds Holding the media to account - mechanisms,principles and practices from around the world

Annual Reports

Annual Report - 2013
Open/View PDF (Financial-Statement-Sept-2012-to-Feb-2013.pdf)

Press Releases

March 31 2016
The Freedom of Expression Institute (FXI) joins celebrations concerning the dropping of charges against 28 students who were arrested outside parliament in October 2015 during a protest against tertiary education high fees in South Africa.

March 04 2016
The Freedom of Expression Institute strongly condemns the blanket ban from liking , re-tweeting and sharing of hate speech of staff , students and those affiliated with the University of Pretoria.

October 21 2015
As a response to the on-going protests against fees increases, Stellenbosch University and the University of Cape Town have filed interdicts that effectively supress the rights of students to protest and quell their freedom of assembly.
Open/View PDF (FEES-MUST-FALL.pdf)

October 16 2015

September 08 2015

August 14 2014
The Freedom of Expression Network joined fellow South Africans on 16 August 2015 to commemorate what has come to be known as the Marikana Massacre.
Open/View PDF (MARIKANA.pdf)

August 25 2015

August 18 2014
On the 16th of August 2014, the Freedom of Expression Institute joined other civic organizations in a march to commemorate the second anniversary of the Marikana Massacre.

July 25 2014
The Freedom of Expression Institute is appalled to learn that the High Court in Mbabane, Swaziland has sentenced Bheki Makhubu, editor of the independent news magazine The Nation, and human rights lawyer Thulani Maseko to two years in prison for cont...
Open/View PDF (High-court.pdf)

July 18 2014
The Freedom of Expression Institute is outraged by the decision of the High Court in Mbabane, Swaziland wherein both Bheki Makhubu, editor of the independent news magazine The Nation, and human rights lawyer Thulani Maseko were convicted of contempt ...

July 16 2014
The Freedom of Expression Institute conveys our deepest condolences to the family, friends and those dear to Nadine Gordimer.

June 26 2014
The Freedom of Expression Institute- FXI is appalled by the Egyptian court sentencing of journalists to punitive jail sentences.

June 13 2014
The Freedom of Expression Institute congratulates the Righ2Know Campaign for taking a bold stance against what is evidently a classic case of abuse of power and disregard for the right to protest by the Tshwane Metro Police Department.

May 30 2014
The Freedom of Expression Institute noted with intrigue the, lambasting of Eyewitness News by the ruling party the African National Congress ("ANC"), following the publication of the cartoon titled "Congress of clowns".
Open/View PDF (Taking_the_freedom_out_of_freedom_of_expression.pdf)

April 03 2014

June 06 2017
FXI's position on Helen Zille's right to freedom of expression.
Open/View PDF (Zillefying-free-speech-in-South-Africa-6-June-2017.pdf)

June 10 2008
Civil Society meeting resolves to tackle SABC crisis & form coalition for independent broadcasting
Open/View PDF (Civil-Society-meeting-resolves-to-tackle-SABC-crisis.pdf)

June 01 2011
FXI is vindicated by the ruling of ICASA's monitoring role in respect of the SABC's monitoring of political commentators
Open/View PDF (FXI-is-vindicated-by-the-ruling-of-ICASA.pdf)

March 27 2011
Save our SABC Coalition Submission to NCOP on Broadcasting Amendment Bill
Open/View PDF (Save-our-SABC-Coalition-Submission-to-NCOP-on-Broadcasting-Amendment-Bil1.pdf)

October 09 2011
Press Freedom Day
Open/View PDF (Press-Freedom-Day.pdf)

July 07 2017
AFEX Calls for Immediate End to Impunity for Crimes against Journalists in Africa
Open/View PDF (AFEX-Calls-for-Immediate-End-to-Impunity-for-Crimes-against-Journalists-in-Africa.pdf)

July 03 2017
Open/View PDF (Right-to-Protest-Opinion.pdf)

June 18 2018
Open/View PDF (Press-Release-18-June-2018.pdf)

August 21 2018
Open/View PDF (Press-Release-August-2018.pdf)

October 19 2018
Open/View PDF (Press-Release-October-2018.pdf)

December 05 2018
Open/View PDF (Press-Statement--December-2018.pdf)

May 23 2016


FXI Newsletter
ICASA settles with network operators on data regulations
Open/View PDF (ICASA-settles-with-network-operators-on-data-regulations_Nov---Dec-2018.pdf)

FXI Newsletter
Qwelane v South Africa Human Rights Commission, Freedom of Expression Institute as Amicus
Open/View PDF (Qwelane-v-South-Africa-Human-Rights-Commission_May-2018.pdf)


FXI Submission to SAHRC Hearing on Racism and Social Media in South Africa

SATAWU and Moloto

South African Human Rights Commission and Qwelane

Sustainability in the community broadcasting sector

Watchdogs and News Hounds: Holding the media to account